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Find Great Food, Fun & Friends At Chef Jay’s Back Porch in Wimberley

Find Great Food, Fun & Friends At Chef Jay’s Back Porch in Wimberley

Chef Jay Creates Newest Wimberley Hot Spot for Outdoor Dining

Wimberley days just got a bit more enchanting with the grand opening of “The Back Porch.” Owner Jay Bachman from Chef Jay Events has partnered with the Lodge at Cypress Falls  to create a place where families and friends can gather and enjoy great food, fellowship, and relaxation in one of the most beautiful spots in Wimberley.

Open 11am – 3pm Daily


The Back Porch Cypress Creek Restaurant in Wimberley
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chef jay super slow smoked brisket
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Most locals know that Chef Jay donated home cooked meals for the town of Wimberley and its volunteers for three weeks after the Memorial Day flood.  (This was no small feat — it is estimated he purchased and cooked 13,000 meals during this time).  He then went on to join Mercy Chefs and has traveled to other areas of Texas and to Louisiana to provide for those in time of need.  This latest endeavor is just another way he gives back to the community, providing further proof to my theory that not all superheroes wear capes, some wear aprons.

Jay, or “Chef Jay” as he is affectionately known in Wimberley, has become a popular caterer in the area, but has been wanting to create a restaurant in Wimberley like this for quite some time –  where friends, neighbors and visitors can enjoy his excellent food while making memories in our “little piece of heaven.”

Super-Slow Smoked BBQ, Burgers, Sides & Gourmet Suprises

This sure-to-be-popular restaurant in Wimberley will be a welcome addition with his super-slow smoked BBQ for starters:  52-hour premium black angus brisket (Confession:  this will ruin you for all other briskets), his 48-hour pulled pork (sandwich), 16-hour turkey breast, and smoked sausage. Although his BBQ comes with a delicious “Texas Style” Dr. Pepper sweet and tangy sauce, you definitely won’t need it!

Other items include a  ½ pound premium black angus burger, all beef hot dogs, a corn and black bean veggie burger, chili cheese fries, ballpark nachos, homemade potato chips plus delicious “typical” BBQ sides with his own spin on them, like jalapeno coleslaw. He will also be serving up daily specials.

50 Marina Circle
(Behind The Lodge at Cypress Falls)


chef jay super slow smoked brisket
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But that’s not all…there’s a secret item that is not on the menu.  It’s his Hudson Valley foie burger, and if you want it, you’ll have to ask for it.  This burger is made from foie gras that is humanely raised and shipped from NY.  It’s prepared by searing the foie on the flat top grill to render the fat, then cooking the patty on top. When complete, the outside of the burger will be crispy.  He adds some local sweet and sassy pickles, a splash of sauternes, and a dash of truffle oil.  Trust me, you will not want to cover up the taste with ketchup!  The burger comes at a hefty price, but those who have tried it insist it is well worth it.

For dessert, Chef Jay is offering seasonal cobblers topped with Blue Bell ice cream, hot fudge brownie sundaes, and root beer floats.  Drinks include tea and sodas and customers are invited to bring their own beer or wine.

For those unfamiliar with Chef Jay’s cooking, all I can say is you have to experience it for yourself – and often!  He started playing in the kitchen when he was five alongside his Mother and Grandmother.  He uses simple but good, high-quality ingredients.  He doesn’t add anything that is not needed.  He still uses several of his Grandmother’s recipes today.

A Beautiful, Relaxing location on Cypress Creek

The shady, creekside Lodge at Cypress Falls provides the perfect setting.  The spring fed waters and large cliffs were used as a sacred ceremonial site by Native Americans.  When the creek was dredged in 1949 to create a wider swimming area for the resort , many artifacts and offerings were discovered, which, Chef Jay believes, gives the area a sense of serenity and peace and why he feels children should be laughing and playing here

The Back Porch is literally on the back porch, with seating on the porch, on the top deck above, or under the shady Cypress trees overlooking the historic Eagle Rock and the crystal clear creek waters.  It will remind you of simpler times with it’s 10’ farmhouse tables and park benches, and you never know who might join you at the table.  Chef Jay says it’s his hope that if you weren’t friends before, you will be after.

Bring your smile, your appetite, and swimsuits, and plan to spend some time in the water.  With a $10 purchase you get creek admission or you can obtain river access, rent canoes, paddleboats, paddleboards, and kayaks at the front desk of the Lodge at Cypress Falls.

If you prefer to stay dry on land, I must confess, the view from  The Back Porch is stunning and the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon in the shade while the kids splash the day away!  They also have a bean bag toss and other outdoor games.

More Info:

The Back Porch is open Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, for now with plans to open in the evenings in the fall.

Located at:  50 Marina Circle in Wimberley

For catering, visit:

Official Website

The Lodge at Cypress Falls

If you are you looking for a great place to stay while you are in Wimberley, be sure and check out the Lodge.  With 22 guest rooms and small bungalow, a pool, continental breakfast and free creek access, you are sure to have a great vacation here!  Also located nearby is Mt. Baldy and Quicksand Golf Course.

Learn More About the Lodge at Cypress Falls

The Lodge at Cypress Falls
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