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Author: Jodi Bourne

EmilyAnn Theatre Butterfly Festival April 21, 2018

EmilyAnn Theatre Butterfly Festival Nothing says “spring” for those of us in Wimberley like the yearly Butterfly Festival held on the third weekend of April each year. This year, the Annual Festival is coming up on April 22, 2017 and since my youngest is in high school I am anxiously looking around for any children I can commandeer to experience this magical day with me. Not that she won’t go with me – she loves the Butterfly Festival too, but there is something about the joy on the face of a younger child as they watch a “newborn” butterfly crawl...

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Top things to do in Wimberley – Celebrate the Fourth of July

Things to do in Wimberley, Tx for Independence Day Weekend #SmallTownFun – If you haven’t experienced it, you should, and there is no better place than Wimberley, Texas, to do it. A few years ago, my daughter and I took a summer to “staycation” in Wimberley.  We have an Instagram feed and a scrapbook to look back at the fun we had finding new and fun things to do in our small town.  We coined it #smalltownfun! There’s really nothing better for a kid than to experience a small town summer – waking up when you want to with...

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Summer Begins At Blue Hole in Wimberley

An Afternoon at Blue Hole First of all, Blue Hole isn’t blue.  I’m not sure why it was ever called “Blue Hole“.  The cold spring water under the huge shady Cypress trees is clear.  From far away it looks greenish, but that is from the grass-covered creek bottom.  Believe me, when you are swinging out from a rope swing into the 8-foot deep water and you can see the ground through the ripples of the kids splashing around you, you know it is clear. Usually, my first dip is during the late spring after a long walk through the back trails...

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